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A glamorous, pleasant and seductive young lady with a rich imagination, mentally flexible and adaptable, who has likes having the control over things. She is reliable. She is an optimist. She can express herself well, has an excellent memory, the common sense. She needs a lot of attention and admiration all her life, likes harmony and does not like conflicts. Good relationships are very important for her. She is very charming, friendly, sensual, has a style and act diplomatically. She loves flirting, is passionate, and a great companion. She is generous, self-confident and full of eroticism. She is given the aesthetic perception, she is interested in literature, art and culture and has great artistic talents. She is interested in philosophy. She feels well in a quiet, well-designed and stylish environment. She has a clear sense of what is feasible and is happy to achieve it. She is quick, courageous and active.


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    By:barış | 1 month ago

    I WİLL BE THERE İN 18-22 JANUARY I will be in bansko are u available and what is the price and what do u do?

      By:admin | 1 month ago

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